Day 1 – Charlotte

I was sitting next to a very nice man from Montreal on the flight who is in town for the American Heart Association conference and the time flew by. We had a bit of a wait for a shuttle to the hotel and saw the coolest limo painted with green flames. When we got to the hotel our rooms weren’t ready to check in so we took a wander down the street to find food but unfortunately found that the restaurants were closed. We returned to the hotel and had a good lunch in the restaurant. It turned out to be perfect timing since our rooms were ready when we finished and we met participants from the other states (Indiana, New York and North Carolina) as they arrived. We each went to our rooms and took much needed naps. We loaded into the van about 6 and headed into town to the Norris’ house which was amazing. Dinner was fantastic with arugula salad topped with pomegranate seeds from the Norris’ own garden. It was a great opportunity to get to know the group we’ll be working with as well as hear some stories about the city. A lovely woman named Angela told me to look for Prospect 1 which is a series of contemporary art installations around the city. I slept like a baby last night with a heart full of excitement and red wine.

Waiting at the airport for

Waiting for the shuttle

The Norris Kitchen

The Norris Kitchen

Ms Norris' Art Collection

Ms Norris's Art Collection


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