Day 1 (Dinner with the Team)

Mr. and Mrs. Noris's home

Mr. and Mrs. Noris graciously hosted a dinner for the entire team.  We had cheese grits, shrimp, and salad.  I have to say it was my first time having grits and it was a pleasant experience.  Although, I was told that no one dislikes cheesy grits (emphasis on the cheese).

The home was an authentic New Orleans home near the heart of the city.  There was a wonderful deck and courtyard that were popular places to congregate, especially since the weather was cooperating (and should be all week). 

Dinner was also an opportunity to get to know the other team members, especially those that were not from Massachusetts.  It was clear that there were many people from very different backgrounds.  Some at the end of their accounting careers and some at the beginning.  Given our differences, it was also evident that everyone shared the common goal of teaching financial literacy and a passion for the accounting profession .  We discussed state society happenings, the economy, New Orleans redevelopment, and our plans for the days to come.


One Response to “Day 1 (Dinner with the Team)”

  1. Kara Says:

    Sounds like things are going well so far! Thanks for keeping up updated. We look forward to hearing about your trip. Hope your first full day goes well!

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