Day one – Sunday, Geoff’s View

On the flight down to New Orleans I had the odd opportunity to watch a college field hockey game on the TV.  While I was completely attentive, I soon realized that if no one had told me the rules I could watch for ten years and never figure out what was happening.  All I knew was that one team put the ball in the back of the net more than the other team.  While we as professional accountants don’t like to realize it, we own a very complicated and important set of knowledge.  Most people see our work the same way in which I viewed the field hockey; they know what the tax bill is at the end of the game, but they can’t start to conceptualize those little plays we make to ensure a positive outcome.


If there is nothing else that we can do on this trip, our goal should be to allay the concerns that these people may have in trying to get their accounting in order.  We don’t have the time to do a formal dissection of records, but we can communicate to them as business friends that there is great opportunity in the little details.


We got here just after noon and arranged for a shuttle to our hotel.  We watched van after van pass by, we even saw a limo with green flames and a Jack in the Box logo, but it was of little consequence for your hungry, weary travelers.  Our van finally arrived 15 minutes late.  Perhaps this “New Orleans time” theory would be accurate.  It was beautiful and sunny and we had picked up an hour having traveled from Boston so all was well.


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