Day 2, Monday-Kristin

Day 2 was what we like to call nonlinear.  Nonlinear is a term that our leader, Tom, likes to use to describe the New Orleans experience.  As accountants, we are like to know what to expect.  We often fear the unknown and are risk adverse or in other words, linear.  Since it was our first day of work, we were all a little apprehensive.  What are they going to ask us?  Will we have the right answer?  I think it is safe to say we all found out that collectively we could solve any problem that came through the door.  It is also good to be nonlinear, so you do not miss out on life’s experiences. 



We learned from a resident CPA how to deal with certain tax provisions that are specific to this area; the GO Zone accelerated depreciation, the Road Home Act, and disaster relief provisions within the law.


We also identified our individual talents and matched them up with the clients for the day.  We got off to a slow start, but collectively we successfully assisted 17 clients.


The night consisted of dinner at the Acme Oyster House.  Acme Oyster House specializes in New Orleans seafood.  I had the New Orleans special, which was excellent (gumbo, jambalaya, rice and beans(apparently a monday night special across all restaurants)).  Everyone had such a great time that we decided it would be a great idea to venture to the French Quarter.  However, not everyone headed out athough Massachusetts had a 100% attendance rate. 


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