Monday – Geoff sees action

Monday morning we made the trek across the parking lot to our headquarters at the University of Phoenix.  We were nourished with the accounting centric specialties of coffee and pastries.  We talked about the expectations of the project and got a nice crash course in local accounting concerns by Jerry Schreiber.  Jerry put a specific emphasis not just on what troubled the clients, but also the difficulties met by professionals in the area post the storms.


The afternoon was dry.  We knew that clients could be sparse, but I could only do so much puttering around on the internet.  I was able to find a bit on the client that I was to see and the preparation helped.  Jim McCoy from North Carolina and I saw our client for close to an hour and a half in a very relaxed meeting.  He was a business coach just looking to make sure his business approach was reasonable and had a few specific needs on an accounting system and other ways to streamline his processes.  He was certainly ahead of the curve and had a good plan already in place so it was a pleasure to sit down and just brainstorm how to make it better.  I think he was satisfied with our service and we felt good about the meeting.


Our work was done about 7:00 so it was a long first day.  We were happy to relax at dinner at Acme Seafood in Metairie.  I gave the red beans and rice with fried catfish a go and it was good.  After dinner the group split up, but wouldn’t you know it the Mass 5 were ready to hit Bourbon Street along with a few of our colleagues.  We outsourced our entertainment needs to cover bands and bartenders as well as the general soul of the area.  You may note, if you’re that intrepid, that new studies from the American Heart Association may credit Bon Jovi or Salt n’ Peppa with a positive impact on heart health.  You’ll see it in the Journal of Medicine.  We attempted to refute any empirical evidence on the Karaoke floor, but were summarily dismissed in what can only be considered pandering to the tone deaf majority.  We’ll get those doctors.  It’s only 40,000 to 15, but  I’ve seen what a little accounting can do.


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