Geoff – Thursday Comes Fast

Houma, Louisiana is one of those beautiful American boomtowns that has the value of a single paperclip to 99.9% of the world, but tightly holds the Terrabonne Parish together both culturally and economically.  They set up our headquarters in the Municipal Center which, if we got bored, would allow us to host a rockin’ high school dance.  While the accoutrements weren’t quite the level of our stay at University of Phoenix, we’re professionals – we embrace these metal folding chairs and beat up bingo tables.  Perhaps the facilities manager was surprised to hear us ask to turn the A/C off, but we felt that with the doors open to the beautiful weather outside our focus might start to climb trees or poke around the incinerator chimney at the coroner’s office next door.


As it was there were a lot of chairs dancing on the concrete just outside the hall.  There could be a bit of downtime at certain points, but our accountant culture has handed down stories of crazy clients for generations.  We had a few including what we saw this week that even made the guys smoking butts outside the coroner’s office shake their heads and say “Man, that’s some weird stuff.”  We were able to work with a great lady named Katherine, who was a local and could provide some great grip in local concerns that we didn’t have exposure to.  This is a community in the Cajun South of Louisiana built on the oil and fishing industries, but we saw plenty of small businesses that might work in your hometown too who just needed a little push.  In between walks around town, talking to the locals about shrimp boot fashion accessorizing and laughs, we far exceeded the weekly total of the previous teams.  We hoped to help more folks in Houma, but all in all we did pretty well.


The night’s entertainment started right in Houma where they had us at the Ramada Inn restaurant for some Cajun food and Zydeco sounds.  The food was great seems to be a tired refrain, but hey, who am I to embellish?  I’m happy to report that we outlasted the AHA doctors in New Orleans and we had our run of the town Thursday evening.    


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