Wednesday – Geoff’s Economics Lesson

Sleep is kinda good.  While I’ve spent some tax seasons on low doses, I don’t mind accidentally getting eight hours.  The alchemy of fried food, superb caffeination, and lack of Z’s may sound familiar to you, but you haven’t done it such a grand manner.  This morning Janet Speyrer, economics maven, took us on a guided tour of the numbers.  She receives an honorary Making Economics Much More Interesting than Oatmeal lifetime achievement award.  It was concise and striking to think about how everything that we’ve seen from boarded up houses to street performances to Walmart has a place in this economic environment.  The question is really how the government interacts with its people.  Does a structured business environment bring people back or do people bring the businesses back? 


We had a most productive afternoon of meetings.  I was able to work with two more fellow CPAs, both from North Carolina, who were great teammates for the clients that we were working with.  I was much busier today and I loved it.  I’ve been amazed at how passionate the people down here are about their business babies.  They’ve been so grateful.  Kristin wondered aloud why this program isn’t available in more cities.  Imagine a world where people understand their financial choices and opportunities.  It could eliminate so much economic drag.


When we closed up shop on Wednesday we had performed well at our location in Metairie.  There are people who sign up for the services who don’t show up, but these spots are generally filled by folks who just come by after work.


We celebrated our successes in a great restaurant called Cannon’s Restaurant of New Orleans on St. Charles next to those beautiful, old plantation homes.  As you look out the enormous windows you could see the streetcars come up and down the road as they’ve done for decades.  After dinner we decided, with an early start looming on Thursday, that we should stick close to the hotel in Metairie.  I think we did a fine job of providing economic stimulus to under-represented niche businesses.  The opportunities for team building after hours seem to really help us increase our productivity and fun during session hours.


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