Day 5-Kristin

The group ventured outside of the city today to Houma.  Houma is community about an hour and a half outside of New Orleans.  See the following link for additional information on the region:  We spent the day in Houma in a large auditorium where we serviced our clients.  The environment was something that I expected for the entire trip.  The truth is the first few days were at a location much nicer than I was anticipating.  At any rate, the service was the same, the needs were the same.  For me the day was a little slow, but that was okay I could see the progress my peers were making.  It seemed maybe we all had a day that we felt more useful than others.  That is just the way volunteer work goes.  You can’t really anticipate who is going to show up.  Without the internet, we were all forced to interact a bit more and really come together as a team.  Interacting with the team made the day fly by.  In the evening we visited a local restaurant in Houma.  They made us feel at home as the band announced our team and one of our teammates went up on stage to play the washboard.  It was entertaining.  Since it was the last night in New Orleans for many of us, we headed out to Bourban Street.  What trip would not be complete without a Hurricane from Pat Obrien’s? It was a treat. 

Team Building

Team Building



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